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Student speaks on pandemic positivity

Teara Hill is a Muskingum University student who stayed positive during a global pandemic by maximizing her time spent outdoors.

To Hill, being able to be outdoors is a great opportunity. She found the outdoors to be a stress reliever during a time of global crisis. “I think one positive thing that has happened to me during the pandemic is being able to have free time and reconnect and spend more time outdoors because when you’re busy working with the semester, you don’t really have the time to go outside and just relax and enjoy the fresh air,” said Teara Hill, a communication major.

Hill possesses an Associate’s Degree in Wildlife Conservation. To her, being able to identify trees and different plants outside is a passion beyond the pandemic, but was amplified during a national time of panic.

Teara Hill is a Muskingum University student. Hill values her time spent in the outdoors.

“I feel that appreciation [for the outdoors] will be everlasting. When you grow up into a society when things are always available to you and then all of the sudden, overnight things completely change, you forget how important these things were and how you’ve taken them for granted. I feel like that will always stick with and also us as a society,” said Hill.

Hill found that the extra time allowed her to pursue favorite activities. One of Hill’s hobbies is bass fishing, something that quarantine allowed her to do.

“My favorite thing to do was my hobby, going fishing. I did a lot of bass fishing over the break and that is something I don’t really have time to do over the semester,” said Hill.

An audio recording of the interview between Teara Hill (interviewee) and Andrew Kingry (interviewer).

Hill also found that the people in her life helped motivate her during the pandemic. Hill used her immediate circle as emotional support during a difficult time. “I think my biggest supporter during quarantine was my fiancĂ©. He always found the positive outlook of things because sometimes you get bored and you get stuck in your own head, being inside for so long. He just found a way to look at the end, the better outcome, of how this pandemic will bring us all together again as a country.”

The Muskingum University student found that people outside of her immediate circle were also beneficial to her pandemic positivity. Seeing people work together brought positivity in a tumultuous time.

“I feel like when we go to the store and we see everyone else’s positivity or their warmness or their willingness just to make sure that you’re having a good day or if you need help in the store, I just feel like their positive attitude is what keeps us going.”

Despite the quarantine and the pandemic being recent affairs in society, Hill feels that COVID-19 has changed her as a person. The extra time allowed for contemplation.

“I do feel like the pandemic has changed me as a person. It’s taught me to have a better appreciation for life because we never know what could change in an instant, we never know when we could lose someone,” said Hill.

Hill is currently a senior at Muskingum University.