Orbit Media Projects

My first filming assignment was in Brown Chapel at Muskingum University, where I helped record Professor Harsha Abeyaratne’s piano recital. My camera angle can be observed at first from 00:42, as my angle focused on Abeyaratne’s finger work. This assignment taught me proper camera set-up and how to properly seek an angle.

My second filming assignment was the Music on the Quad event, where I manually filmed a choir and band concert. My camera angle can first be observed at 13:06 where I focused on the choir, brass, and percussion members in the concert. During this event, I learned how to manually wield a camera, how to pan for a wider shot as well as how to protect camera and sound equipment from elemental hazards.

I have also done minor work for the original horror television project called “Curse U” produced by Orbit Media’s television practicum program. During this production, I more effectively learned how to manage camera and sound equipment and basic editing knowledge.

I have done work on “Sick of You,” a sitcom produced by Orbit Media’s television practicum program. I did audio work, scene development and creation, and storyline brainstorming.

My first directing position was for Muskingum University’s 2021 Lent program. I learned how to effectively communicate with a team using limited tools, reinforced previous experience with filming and audio work, as well as learning how to make a media experience enjoyable through diverse shots and angles.

My second directing position was for the opening night of Muskingum University’s play “The Gypsy Woman” by Don Nigro. I learned how to manage a live broadcast, how to deal with camera issues when they arise, how to direct a team, and learned how to effectively follow action to provide a diverse viewing experience.

I was a cameraman for Muskingum University’s “New Play Fest” where I filmed nine student-written plays. During this, I learned more effective ways to film and the importance of various camera angles. My camera angle can first be observed at 02:35 where I focused on left, side shots of the readings.