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Zanesville woman runs to the finish line

Katie McNeil has ran eight marathons in her lifetime.

The Zanesville resident has had a love for running since middle school and has been running marathons since 2016, starting first as the Columbus Marathon.

“The thrill of the finish, the thrill of running those 26.2 miles and the crowd…it really was awesome,” said Katie McNeil, Exercise Enthusiast and Fitness Instructor. McNeil qualified for the Boston Marathon after finishing her first marathon.

McNeil has always been an athlete. She started running in middle school. By high school, McNeil possessed two record for her athletic prowess in running that she received in her freshman year. In 2010 and 2011, McNeil started running six half-marathons before starting her full marathon journey.

“It’s a lot of work, it’s a lot of training, it’s a lot of discipline and it’s a lot of getting up early on Sunday mornings and making sure you get your long runs in and it’s a lot of careful training and planning,” said McNeil.

McNeil runs two to three mile runs to keep up with her athletic training and spends seven hours a week dedicated to athleticism. McNeil plans on running the Akron Marathon in April of 2021 and has dreams of going abroad in her marathon career.

McNeil’s love of fitness is not just a passion, but a career. She is a fitness instructor for The Muskingum County Family YMCA, where she teaches 45-minute classes that are open to the public, ranging from cycling to cardio workouts. She teaches up to three times a week, in addition to maintaining her personal exercise routine.

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